Waxing & Tinting

Waxing is an extremely popular method of hair removal, we use both strip and non-strip wax to ensure great results and maximum client satisfaction and comfort. We recommend clients to book there waxing appointments every 4-6 weeks, if this is your first waxing appointment please ensure your hair growth is at least 1/2 cm long (2-3 weeks growth), to ensure a smooth result,

Please prepare for your waxing treatment by exfoiating the day before and not applying any creams or oils to the skin the day of your treatment, as this can prevent the wax from adhering to the hairs and giving a poor result. You may notice a small amount of regrowth after a week or so. It can take up to 4 waxing spaced evenly apart for you hair to get on to a growth cycle that gives the best results. Hair needs to be at least 1/2 cm long before it can be successfully removed with waxing. Please dont shave or use hair removing cream between treatments. To maintain a smooth appearance we recommend treatments every 4-6 weeks.


Eyebrow Shape £6.50
Eyebrow Reshape £9
Upper lip £5
Chin £5
Underarm £8
Half Leg £13
Full Leg £18
Bikini £8
Package A: Half Leg, Underarm, Bikini        £22
Package B: Full Leg, Underarm, Bikini £26

Waxing can not be carried out on areas where the skin is broken, bruised or sunburnt, if you have eczema, psoriasis, or any skin disorders. If you are taking Retinol or any similar drugs or if you have ever had an adverse reaction to a waxing treatment. One of our therapists will check your consultation form with you at your first appointment, please ensure all information provided is accurate and kept up to date.

Underarm and some bikini waxing will be completed using non-strip wax. All waxing treatments are carried out in a private room to ensure our clients privacy.

We do not offer intimate waxing at the moment.

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tint £6.50

Eyelash Tint £9

Eyebrow Shape £6.50

Eyebrow Shape & Tint £10

Eyebrow Shape, Tint and Eyelash Tint £16

Brow Perfection £20 (Eyebrow Shape analysis, shape, tint and use of product to define the eyes and give a highyl defined look)

Lash Lift £25 (Treatment to lift the top lashes and creat a sutble curl, really opens the eyes and creates a youthful look)

Lash Lift & Colour Boost £30 (Treatment to lift the top lashes and creat a sutble curl, really opens the eyes and creates a youthful look) lashes are then coloured to give depth.


* ALL EYE treatments require a patch test 24 hours before treatment please contact us to arrange this.


Please also read and print off for future reference aftercare here.