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So this is my Blog "Confessions of a lash geek", as the owner of Essential Beauty a self confessed lash geek. I hope to impart my knowledge and expertise to help you get the best from your lash extensions or gain knowledge as a lash tech.

I started my lash journey at the beginning of 2010 when lash extensions were still relatively new to the beauty world. I continue to take courses and mentoring sessions to ensure I am upto date with lastest within our industry.

A little bit about me if you dont know me already, I Deb I live in Washington with my partner Andy (the one who brings the coffee), my daughter and my 2step children. We also have 3 dogs Bruce, Hamish and Millie. So life is as hectic outside the salon as it is inside. I'm really lucky my family are supportive as I spend alot of time either lashing, talking about lashes, watching videos of lashes, reading about lashes you get the idea lol.


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  1. What sets Essential Beauty, Washington apart from other Eyelash Extension salons.

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    About us.

    Here at Essential Beauty, Washington we have specialised in Eyelash Extensions for nearly 8 Years. 

    Deb has taken numerous courses ran by many different companies over the years and gained her Master Eyelash Extension Technician qualification in 2014.

    Because we are so passionate about what we do, we spend many hours making sure we are as up to date with different techniques and products as possible. Deb is involved in the testing of many products before they are available to other Lash Technicians.

    We in-house train all our technicians and we do not class our technicians as fully qualified until they have served at least 3 years.

    Deb is also an experienced trainer of other Lash Technicians and offers mentoring for those wanting to develop and expand their expertise.

    Why we differ.

    Over the years we have come across some horrendous eyelash extensions done by un-qualified lash technicians.

    Improper isolation of the natural lashes, using lash extensions that are too long, too heavy or the incorrect curl can all cause damage to the natural lashes. Meaning they will shed sooner than normal or possible break off leaving gaps and damaged lashes. 

    For this reason we do not infill eyelash extensions from other salons, because we can't guarantee the quality of the lash extensions already applied or be sure of the products they have used.

    Trying to infill incorrectly applied lash extensions is pretty much impossible and will give a very poor finished result, because we want to maintain the integrity of the work we produce we dont offer infills from other salons.

    What we offer our clients:

    Different levels of Lash Technicians based on experience which is reflective in the price the client pays

    On going training and development of our technicians to offer the latest products and best service we can.

    Educating our clients on the best way to look after their eyelash extensions and products to help clean and maintain their lashes.

    A friendly environment, we pride our selves on a down to earth everyone is welcome salon. 

    Online booking service meaning clients can book your appointments when is suitable to them 24/7  you can find our booking details here.

  2. How to look after eyelash extensions.

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    20191028_105443_0000On a daily basis at Essential Beauty, Washington I have clients ask me how to look after their eyelash extensions.  They tell me they have been so good with their lashes and havent even touched them, when in truth this is one of the worse things that you can do, eyelash extensions are easy to look after but to get the best out of them they do need a little looking after.

    Heres my routine on how I care for mine.

    • For the first 24 hours I don't get my lashes wet at all, I make sure my hair is washed and I wear no make up the day of my infill so I don't have to remove it or wash my face.
    • For 24 hours after that, I don't subject my freshly applied lashes to any steam or humidity. I keep the temperature on my shower down and I don't use the bath that day. I don't swim or use saunas/steam rooms/hot tubs. A simple rule of thumb is if you're unsure avoid it for this short period of time.
    • Following those first 2 days I brush my lashes on a morning, and on a night when I wash my face I avoid my lashes with my cleanser and use a muslin cloth to make sure I'm not getting anything on my lashes. I then wash my lashes with a lash shampoo formula made with baby shampoo and water, this ensures any make up residue and natural skin oils are washed off my lashes. I then brush the lash extensions through and go to sleep.
    • This is basically how I look after my lashes I do make sure that I don't use oily products around my eyes and I don't wear mascara or eyeliner.

    Anything with oil (including natural skin oils) will affect the bond of the lash extension to the natural lash and cause premature shedding. The product we use to remove eyelash extensions is oil based, so effectively anything applied to the lash extensions that contains oils will act as a remover.

    How often should I get my eyelash extensions infilled.

    To keep up the look of your lash extensions we recommend infills every 2 to 3 weeks. 

    You naturally lose between 3 to 5 natural lashes per day so as the lashes naturally shed the eyelash extension will go with it. You will then have new natural lashes growing through in their place, which is what we apply new lash extensions to at your infill.

    Natural Lash Shed

    3 lashes per day (average)

    1 week 21 lashes lost

    2 weeks 42 lashes lost

    3 weeks 63 lashes lost

    On average a full set applied by one of our experienced technicians will have between 120 - 150 lash extensions applied per eye.

    So at a 3 week infill with the correct aftercare most clients will return with around 50-60% of the original lash extensions intact. This will mean that at your infill appointment your lash technician can then apply enough lash extensions to create a full look again and remove an original lash extensions that have grown out and need removing.

    Factors that may affect how quickly you need an eyelash extension infill.

    Incorrect aftercare can have a major effect on how long your lash extensions last. Getting your lash extensions wet or subjecting them to steam in the periods its advised not too, will mean the adhesive doesnt cure properly and will be less effective. The use of oil around your lash extensions will break down the bond of the adhesive and mean that your eyelash extensions will shed early.

    Please be aware if your appointments are with a lash technician trainee, that they are still in training and don't apply as many lashes as more experienced technicians, and you may requireinfills sooner to keep them looking full. This is why here at Essential beauty, Washignton we have a price structure and charge less with the more recently qualified technicians. 

    We are also here to answer any questions you may have, simply drop us a message or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

    I've included a link to a video another technician posted on you tube about how to clean lashes it's really informative and definitely worth a watch.

    Lash cleaning Video

    Correct aftercare and cleaning of your lashes isn't only necessary to keep your lash extensions looking good and prolonging their lifespan. It's also critical in the health of your lash line, dead skin, bacteria and make up residue can build up along your lash line and in amongst your lash extensions if this isn't cleaned it can lead to a build up which is not only unsightly but can cause eye infections and irritation include betharitis. I will do another blog post on this in the future so please check or blog again soon.

  3. What is the difference between Classic Lash Extensions and Russian Volume Lash Extensions

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    At Essential Beauty, Washington we often get asked what is the difference between Classic Lashes and Russian Volume Lashes?

    What are Classic Lash Extensions.

    In simple terms classic lash extensions are a single lash extension applied to a single natural lash, each natural eyelash is isolated before a lash extension is applied. Your Lash technician will work with you to create the look you want, the length and curl of the lash extensions applied will be determined by your own natural lashes. Your lash technician should never apply lash extensions that are too long or heavy for your natural lash as this will cause damage but more about that in another blog.

    Classic Lash extensions

    What are Russian Volume Lash Extensions.

    Russian Volume lashes are mulitple finer lashes which are applied in a fan to a single natural lash. They are picked up and applied so that the base of the fan is like a single lash extension but the ends fan out and create a fuller more fluttery look. Again your lash technician will apply a length and curl of extension that is suitable to your natural lashes so that no damage is caused.

    Russian Volume Lashes

    The application of Russian Volume lashes takes further training and many many hours of practice to master. Even as an experienced lash technician I am always learning and still spend alot of money and time furthering my expertise and knowledge.


    Note: Last picture is for reference it isnt my work.