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Vacuum Suction Treatment 

This is a mechanical lymphatic drainage treatment. It stimulates the lymphatic system and aids the removal of waste products draining lymph from the tissues, improving the colour and appearance of the skin. The Machine is electrical but no electrical current passes through the skin. This is gentle but effective and much more pleasurable than it sounds.  

Most people find it very soothing and fall into a state of deep relaxation. Vac pulse or Vacuum Suction is used after the skin has been cleansed, exfoliated/peeled and any serums or masks being used have been applied. An oil is then massaged into to the skin and this provides the slip for the Vac pulse to glide over.  



Benefits of facial Vacuum Suction  

  • Helps to Dissolve fat cells
  • Aids lymphatic drainage
  • Helps to firm the skin and improve elasticity
  • Stimulates lymphatic circulation, aiding removal of waste products and toxins 
  • Increase the arterial and venous blood circulation, producing an improvement in skin colour 
  • Improved cell metabolism due to improved blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin tissues and removal of waste products 
  • Cleansing of skin and softening of blockages in pores Puffiness may be reduced due to increase lymph drainage

Treatment Areas

Buttocks, Thighs, Abdomen, and Upperarms.


£25 1 Area (course of 6 treatments £125)

£40 2 Areas (Course of 6 Treatments £200)

£55 3 Areas (Course of 6 Treatments £260)

£70 4 Area (Course of 6 Treatments £315)

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Galvanic Treatment

Galvanic skin treatments are used to tone up muscles, promote blood circulation, increase cell metabolism and activate enzymes. This treatment helps healing after surgical and non-surgical procedures and improves the quality and firmness of skin.  

Galvanic treatment involves the use of mild electric currents consisting of positive and negative ions to refresh, stimulate and rejuvenate the skin. It uses a process by the scientific name of iontophoresis to transport electrically charged particles (ions) into the skin through gels that are positively or negatively charged. The charged ingredients are carried into the deeper layers of the skin and concentrated there.

Effects and benefits  

  • Smoothes out wrinkles, tightened muscles and increased blood circulation, which nourishes the skin cells. 
  • Boosts blood circulation and oxygen levels in the skin
  • Reduces dullness and makes skin glow
  • Detoxifies the skin and improves complexion

Galvanic treatment is recommended for most skin types, including sensitive skin. However, it is not recommended for individuals who are diabetic, have circulation concerns, have metal plates or pins, or are pregnant.  

For best results it is recommended to have a minimum of four treatments over a period of 8 weeks. 

Treatments Areas

Back, Legs, Arms and Abdomen.


£25 1 Area (course of 4 treatments £85)

£40 2 Areas (Course of 4 Treatments £135)

£55 3 Areas (Course of 4 Treatments £175)

£70 4 Area (Course of 4 Treatments £210)