Hair Extensions Info

We like all our clients to be as prepared as possible for their consultation and fitting.

Below is the process of having hair extensions, if there is anything not covered below then please feel free to contact us.

Step 1 - The Consultation.

Your consultation is totally FREE. This will be arranged a few days prior to having your extensions applied.

This consists of matching your colour & hair type, a chat about how we'll apply your extensions, and a quick analysis of the condition of your hair to ensure we get the best results.

Once both you and your stylist are happy we can get your fitting appointment arranged.

Before your consultation:

* Your hair needs to be long enough to be put in a pony tail, even if it's a short stubby one, approximately 8cm at the very least. We will not apply extensions to short hair.

* If you have very thick or bluntly cut hair it's a good idea to have it thinned out a little and some layers added before your fitting. This will make the extensions look more natural. It is also a good idea to have a trim before your extensions are applied to ensure you have no split ends. This will ensure your hair lays nicely over the extensions.

* It's a good to have some idea of the length and effect you require, but if you are unsure then your stylist will be more than happy to help you decide.

Step 2 - Your Fitting.

Your hair can be fitted by either prebonded, micorings or shrinkies. Pre Bonded are by far the most popular and it is also the method favoured by Hollywood stylists as it causes no damage to your own hair.

We apply the hair strand by strand with keratin glue or the micro ring/shrinkie. This is applied to the extensions rather than to your own hair and forms a small bond around your hair.

No bonds will be applied near your hairline. This means that you can wear your hair up without your bonds showing.

After the extensions are applied they will be cut to your desired length, and blended into your natural hair.

Your fitting can take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours depending on how thick your own hair is.

What do I need to do before my fitting?

* Your hair will need to be freshly washed on the day of your fitting and rinsed well so that there are no products left in your hair.

* We advise that you do not condition your hair on the day of your fitting.

* Your hair needs to be as straight as possible when you arrive so that your stylist can see exactly where the extensions need to be fitted.

* If you dye your hair it is a good idea to have it done a few days before your fitting so that your hair is the same colour from root to tip.

Step 3 - Maintenance.

Your new extensions can be worn for up to 3 months if they are well maintained.

We usually recommend that you book a maintenance appointment 4 - 6 weeks after your fitting, as this will extend the life of your extensions.

Maintenance usually only takes an hour as long as your extensions have been well looked after.

During maintenance appointments we will:

* Check for any matting and tangling in your regrowth.

* Check for loose or cracked bonds and replace them with brand new extensions.

* Ask you a few questions to make sure you're happy with your extensions and address any problems you may be having.

* Thicken the extensions if required.

Step 4 - The Removal.

Removal can take 1.5 - 2 hours depending on how many bonds you have in and how well they have been looked after.

For prebonded extensions, your bonds will be removed using a special solution and broken with salon pilers.

This means your bonds slide out easily and cause no pulling or damage to your hair.

Some clients have actually told us this feels very relaxing!

Your hair will then need to be washing with a cleansing shampoo and a conditioning treatment used.

General Inforamtion.

You may not be suitable for hair extensions if you suffer from any of the following:

* Alopecia.

* Excessive thinning.

* Eczema on your scalp.

* Psoriasis on your scalp.

* If you are pregnant or have been in the last 6 months.

* Head lice.

* Breakage on the first 4 inches of your hair.

* Excessively greasy hair.

* If you have had treatment for cancer in the last 6 months.

Please let me know if you suffer from any of these conditions, as we cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from any of the conditions mentioned above.

I am always at the end of the phone should you need any advice after your fitting, so please feel free to contact me with any questions.