Russian Volume Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions


Essential Beauty specialises in Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions, that last indefinitely with regular infills approximately every 3 weeks. 

With Russian Volume (3D) lash extensions between 2 and 4 ultra light lash extensions are placed on an individual eyelash, giving the wearer a more fuller fluttery look without causing any damage to the natural lash. The lash extensions will last the entire life of the natural lash it is attached to and will just fall away with the natural lash at the end of its growth cycle. As younger lashes then grow through during this time these new lashes can then extended at your infill appointment.

The effect of your lash extensions does depend on your own natural lashes, as using extensions that are too heavy or long can cause the natural lash to fall our prematurely. A consultation is always carried out before your extensions are applied and we will always advise of the looks that can be achieved. We want all my clients to be satisfied so will never give any false promises.

We have spent many hours training, perfecting our techniques and sourcing the best lash extension products, to ensure each client gets the perfect set of lash extensions that last the longest possible time. We have many types of lash extensions varying in length, thickness and type of curl so we can create a set of lashes perfect for you. You will be given full aftercare advice to follow once your lashes are applied and the salon stocks lash extension aftercare products.

Russian Volume Semi Permanent eyelash extensions offer the wearer:
  • Thicker/Fuller Eyelashes
  • Longer Eyelashes
  • Bigger more youthful looking eyes
  • There is no need to wear mascara  
What to expect during you lash extension treatment.

On arrival for your lash extension appointment, your therapist will discuss the look of your lash extensions that you want to achieve, ensure that you are suitable for lash extensions and also discuss any lifestyle factors that may affect your lash extensions. You will then be taken into the treatment room to lie back and relax on the treatment bed ready for your lashes to be transformed. Your bottom lashes are taped down and nourishing eyepads are placed on top to ensure your bottom lashes are completely covered. Your eyelashes will then be cleanse to make sure that they are squeaky clean ready to be extended. Your therapist will then start to apply the lash extensions by placing an extension on each individual lash. The treatment is completely painless and totally relaxing.

The price you pay will depend on the level of technician you book our master lash tecnician has over 8 years experience, our lash technicians have a minimum two years lashing experience, while our trainees have upto two years experience.


3D Russian Volume  Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions. -Prices

Ultra fine lash extensions are placed in mulitples of 2-4 on each natural lash creating a very full fluttery effect.

 Master Lash Technician  Lash Technician  Trainee Lash Technician

Full Set of Eyelash Extensions  Natural Look

Our most popular request, ideal for everyday wear or parties. Approx 70% of your natural lashes will be exteneded, as we have a wide range of curls, lengths and thicknesses of lash extensions we can create the perfect look for you whether its a natural look you want or all out glamour.

 £55  N/A  N/A

Full Set of Eyelash Extensions  Diva Look

Want a really full look well diva lashes are the way to go. 100% of your lashes will be extended to give an all out glamour look, as we have a wide range of curls, lengths and thicknesses of lash extensions we can create the perfect look for you whether its a natural look you want or all out glamour.

 £70  N/A  N/A

Touch Up Infills (1-2 weeks)

For those just needing a quick touch, with around 80% of lashes remaining.

£22.50  N/A  N/A

Mini Infills (2-3 weeks)

For those just needing a quick touch, with around 70% of lashes remaining.

£27.50 N/A N/A

Standard Infills (3 weeks)

For clients returning with 60% of lash extensions still attached, any loose extensions will be removed, and lashes applied to new lash regrowth. 

 £35  N/A  N/A

Extra Infills (3+ weeks)

As above but applies to those returning with less than 60% of their lash extensions, or for those who love all of their lashes to be extended for a full look. If it has been longer than 4 weeks since your last lash appointment you will need to book a full set.

£45 N/A N/A
Please note we have a deposit policy on all bookings for Full sets of Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions. To secure any booking we require a minimum non refundable £15 deposit. If you book online our system will automatically ask for the payment. If you book over the phone you can pay your deposit on your card over the phone. Please note we are unable to book a Full Set appointment without the deposit.
Aftercare products for your eyelashes can be purchased in the salon or from our on line shop.  

Please read the Eyelash Extension Aftercare page for information on looking after your beautiful new eyelashes.